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I offered.

They countered.

I countered.

They countered.

I accepted.

I am about to be a homeowner.

I hate moving.

7:28 PM, Feb 7, 2007


first poster interjected:


7:45 PM, Feb 7, 2007

chris thinks:


i'll help you move.

7:46 PM, Feb 7, 2007

Cole spoiled the calm with:

horay. I would help you move, but I am a liability. Also, I'm out of town that day. Which building is this? what floor?

8:03 PM, Feb 7, 2007

staubio blurted:

Holy shit, yo. Awesome! Congrats. I'll help.

8:17 PM, Feb 7, 2007

ck offered:

Congrats Johnny Boy.

8:45 AM, Feb 8, 2007

Callie replied:

Nothing like buying a home on a whim... anyway, congratulations crazyhead!

11:35 AM, Feb 8, 2007

bahua replied:

It definitely wasn't a whim. Perhaps we should talk more.

11:49 AM, Feb 8, 2007

Kelly had this to say:

CONGRATS! yippee for equity

10:48 AM, Feb 9, 2007

R.A. Heller interjected:

Congratulations Bahua :) Now you can put that stripper pole in your room that you always wanted.

3:57 PM, Feb 9, 2007

Rachel interjected:


4:53 PM, Feb 9, 2007

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