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10/30/2002 8:05 AM

It seems that a project that had appeared to many to be dead is anything but. K-Meleon is alive and kicking, with a release candidate available for public download. Oddly enough, it isn't available on the official website, but a full installer of the browser with the most customizable interface that I know, is linked in the developer threads on the Sourceforge project page. You, should you be so inclined, can download it straight from here(no longer works). It uses Gecko, which is the webpage renderer that mozilla uses, and this release is based on the version 1.2beta of mozilla. It supports Type Ahead Find, Tabbed Browsing, skinning, an excellent full-screen mode(much nicer than mozilla's, and most importantly, a fully customizable user interface. On top of all this, it's very stable, fast, and makes my page come up just fine. Help yourself.

8:05 AM, Oct 30, 2002

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