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Jeff is settling in, and I think I am officially not allergic to his cat. We have set up the dining room, which sat useless for the last year and a half, as an actual useful dining room. There are decorations and posters on the walls now. It looks like someone actually lives here. It's nice to feel whole again, and not like a stranger in my own apartment.

11:31 AM, Jun 5, 2006


Rachel thinks:

You don't THINK you're allergic to cats, but then one night when it decides to sleep in your room and roll around in your stuff, oh lord, then you'll know that allergy to cats never really goes away.

I have tried SO hard to get over my dander allergy, but unless I spend, like, two months in hell with le constant sneeze, it is just not going to happen.

3:42 AM, Jun 5, 2006

becca had this to say:

Congratulations on getting settled in, er, but you already lived there...what's the deal?

Naw, I know what it's like and it feels good when things finally calm down. Now you may

commense bickering like an old married couple...*ha!*

8:14 PM, Jun 7, 2006

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