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Friday and Saturday

A couple of things have happened in the last day or so.

I'm not on call anymore, so my Friday night sleep was absolutely sublime. It was a wonderful, deep, care-free slumber. I woke up ten hours later, and just rolled back over and slept some more. It was just terrific. Jeff got tired of checking back at the Target "Great Land" gigastore in Mission, and broke down. He purchased a Nintendo Wii from some guy in KCK, through craigslist, and we've been playing it basically nonstop since we got home from work yesterday. After getting up, brushing my teeth, and laying around a little more, I went over to Nick's place to see Lord of the Rings Online for the first time. Being a Tolkien fanatic, I was enthralled, even though I recognized almost none of the places where his elvish character went.

I think I want to try it for myself, but a quick run to Best Buy yesterday gave me sticker shock. So, I'm currently working up the initiative to spend the money($50!!) to buy the installer for the $15 a month game. Nick and I met Amber and Becky at about 2pm for kickball practice at Roanoke Park, and sweated right through our clothes within about eight human minutes. The heat wasn't that overwhelming, but any kind of exertion at all would just cascade free-flowing volumes of sweat off my body. We called it a practice after about an hour, drove as quickly as the law would allow to Chipotle, and emerged clutching heavily-hanging bags of burritos. I dropped Nick off and went home.

I played some Wii Tennis with Jeff, until I was actually sleepy, so I plopped myself onto my bed and took a 30-40 minute nap, until jarred awake with a quick shocked intake of breath by the maddening clanging of my phone's ringer. It was Kelly, but I don't even remember what she was calling about. I wish we hung out more.

Jeff and I played some more Wii Tennis before it was time to get going. Cole took the liberty of coming to us, so we wouldn't have to go to pick him up. The three of us took the highly suburban, possibly roundabout route to Powerplay KC, way the hell out in Shawnee, almost to I-435. Exactly ten people arrived for some whirlyball and, it turned out, two free bowling games. After the whirling was done, a couple of people made themselves scarce and the rest of us wandered around playing lame video games. Our hunger got the best of us, and we ran over to IHOP for offensively abundant portions for under ten dollars.

When Jeff and I got home, I did my now-daily check of demonoid to see if their registrations were open, and they were! I signed up and got on the greatest bittorrent site on the internet, and in so doing, found out on their IRC channel about a really excellent command-line client called rtorrent. Barring any unforeseen screwups, It has completely replaced my current client, which is just a perl wrapper I wrote for brdownloadcurses.

Content with most things right now, I feel like I can go to bed without a complaint. Good night!

3:23 AM, Aug 19, 2007

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