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12/14/2002 1:32 AM

Well, my company has announced another, more definitive session of layoffs. This one could possibly hit a little closer to home than previous ones. I will keep both of you posted. In other, less threatening news, I have been working on some feature additions to the site. You may or may not notice the new "Stats" option on the left, but it's there. Help yourself to the raw stats of this, the most incredible webpage in the history of incredibleness. Another feature I am working on is for just the Mozilla/Netscape users. To my great surprise, Opera doesn't support this feature, and of course, MS Internet Explorer doesn't. For a bit of a preview, have a gander at what I've been working on. Not only does it work in Mozilla, but it also looks like I want it. It's totally botched in IE. I have been working at it, and I have come to a preliminary decision: everyone needs to download Mozilla. Then I don't need to scale back my website for the crippled CSS support featured by Internet Explorer.

1:32 AM, Dec 14, 2002

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