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Another Facelift

As you may notice, I have made some new layout changes to the site, and I think you'll agree it looks a good deal nicer than it used to. As ever, I am open to feedback. In the event that the site looks completely screwed up, may I suggest hitting F5 to reload the page, as your browser simply has the old site's layout cached, and needs to be updated.

Now, if you want to look at an article, you can just click on its title in the title bar. I removed the per-entry listing of how many comments there are. I figured there are about twelve different places you can already look to see how many comments there are, including the comments page I worked so hard to make.

Enjoy the layout, and let me know what you think.

4:17 PM, Mar 6, 2005


Vince cut in with:

John, everything look great...I lilke the facelift!

8:57 PM, Mar 6, 2005

Rachel interrupted with:


Yeah, I don't know, yet.

12:48 PM, Mar 7, 2005

chicus blurted:

I really like it. I didn't notice until flipping from the old style to the new, but the old one sort of hurt my eyes.

5:06 PM, Mar 7, 2005

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