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The End of an Oncall

I'm on call this week, though I'm handing the pager off today. It's been a relatively slow week, especially compared to last time. But on Wednesday night I received lots and lots of pages- one about every 45 minutes, thus never allowing me to enter REM sleep. The last major page of the morning came at about 5:15am, and from that I sat on a call until about 6:45am. I called my boss and informed him that I got fully owned during the night, and that unless he needed me to come in, I would spend that day sleeping. It was too bright yesterday to sleep any later than about 11am, so I contacted Chris about lunch. After some hemming and hawing, we agreed on the Bluebird Bistro, where I enjoyed a bison burger of the highest deliciosity.

A little later in the day, I read a post by a local blogger and internet/drinking acquaintance, detailing his top twenty favorite bars, with an apparent focus on Kansas City. His number one choice was Harry's Country Club, and is one with which I cannot bring myself to disagree. It's a really outstanding bar, and having read it led me to have the following text message conversation with Amber:

Me: Someone's blog post today got me all riled up for Harry's CC. Wanna get some happy hour?
Amber: Maybe. I need a martini tho!
Me: I think they can help you. My stepmother said she loved the martini they made her when the family visited in January.
Amber: I'm sold.
Me: 5:30?
Amber: 5:45
Me: Deal. I'll be there in shorts, as per usual.
Amber: Nice.

So, at about 5:30, I threw caution to the wind and made my way over to the #1 bar in Kansas City. Amber and Heather were a little late, so I busied myself talking with Josh, into whom I ran completely by accident. Robin and Gretchen, two of the many great waitresses there, described Josh as a "man about town." This seems very true.

Anyway, Amber and Heather came in soon afterward, and we took a seat out on the patio. The weather was divine. 73 degrees, perfectly clear, with a slight breeze. For four hours we whiled away the gorgeous evening until my luck ran out, and I got paged. I finished my beer and went home, only to find out that my help wasn't really needed after all. Jeff walked in at that point, and we had a beer and a conversation. We topped the day off with a run to Wendy's.

I had a lovely Thursday.

11:03 AM, Jun 1, 2007

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3:14 PM, Jun 1, 2007

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