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Despair Poster

Since I have a cubicle at work now, I thought I should get some decoration for it. I figured a good place to start would be with a big poster of this. It should arrive within a week or so. Until then, my cube is looking pretty bare.

12:02 PM, Nov 7, 2003


Carl chimed in with:

When I was an intern and had a door with walls around it (those were the good old days) I printed this one out and stuck it on the door.

11:03 PM, Nov 6, 2003

Blas wants you to know:

So true, so true

1:14 PM, Nov 7, 2003

Heart brooked no delay in saying:

<3 bahua

9:03 PM, Nov 7, 2003

Latey_McThirdshift was sure you'd want to know:


10:06 AM, Nov 18, 2003

Chime in:



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