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The IT Crowd

I've just discovered another gem from British television: Channel 4's The IT Crowd. I highly recommend it. Like The Office was when it was a British innovation, rather than an American imitation, The IT Crowd exudes fresh, topical, timely humor. I don't often laugh out loud at a TV show, but when an Irishman calmly admonishes a mesmerized, shoe-enthralled female manager by saying, "Come on, you crazy bitch," I just cannot help it. Even now, my hands are shaking from it.

And now, with a couple more minutes before the masses get off work, I'd better head to Waldo for my annual haircut and oil change.

2:17 PM, Sep 28, 2007

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coconut fungal pattern blurted:

The Office wasn't a British innovation. It was a crass knockoff of the superior Canadian show The Newsroom. Just saying...

6:49 PM, Sep 28, 2007

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