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12/15/2002 3:15 AM

I went and saw Nemesis on Friday night with Joel and Susie, and I, despite Joel's numerous scruples with the film, was very satisfied. So satisfied was I that Brian and I went today. He liked it a lot, too. We woke up at about noon(I love weekends), and had some pizza. We went down to Brookside and Waldo, to finish our Christmas shopping. After that, we went to 75th St Brewery, for wonderful food and beer. Immediately following a very leisurely and luxurious dinner, Brian and I went to the Plaza Cinemark, and purchased tickets to Nemesis. As we walked to our theater, to sit and wait, we spotted the "VIP Room," and decided to check it out. We were pleasantly surprised to see that it was a fully functional bar, in the middle of a movie theater. It even turned out that it contained a small theater of its own, complete with a small table for each of the giant leather seats. As we ambled in, with 25 minutes until our movie was to start, Analyze That was just starting. What a pleasure! Following our movie, we grabbed some beer at Gomer's, and called it a day. Another very successful Saturday!

3:15 AM, Dec 15, 2002

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