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6/18/2003 5:48 AM

Sorry for the slight lapse in uptime. If you didn't notice, cool, but if you were frantically clicking links to between the hours of 8:35 PM and 2:38 AM, allow me to explain. By some strange means, a valve was opened to begin releasing copious amounts of water from the sprinkler system, in all apartments on the southwest corner of the building. Foul play is suspected, but not certain. Hallways and stairways on the southwest corner of the bulding began to fill and flow with water, and the fire alarm went off. We all assembled outside the front of the building and eventually heard the regrettable news. I was told that water had been turned off in the west half of the building(in which I live), and electricity would soon follow.

So, I packed up a few nights' things, called Brian, unplugged all our computers, and drove down to Lees Summit to get a hotel room for the night(near work). Brian had to drive a coworker home from work, a good distance from Kansas City, so he decided to try our apartment before coming out to the hotel. He discovered that the water and the electricity were both back on, and promptly began plugging things back in, including the computer upon which this website is hosted.

It was not fun, while it lasted. In other news, in case you have been emailing me, and getting myriad failure notices, I can explain. Simply, my user on kermit was deleted yesterday. I have nothing bad to say about IEAccess, the company that used to host my email. They were very attentive, had excellent service, and in my very exceptional case, free. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a webhost, in Peoria. I have made arrangements with another email host, but it will take a day or two before everything is all set up. Until then, you can reach me by phone, by my kcgeek address, by my techemail address, or by my work address. I will provide links to none. I will have a real email address soon. Please be patient.

5:48 AM, Jun 18, 2003

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