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Maintenance and Computers

I'm sorry. I haven't really written anything on here lately, because I haven't really had anything interesting to say. I've been kind of consumed lately with Lord of the Rings Online, just like I knew I would be if I ever got into it. I've reached kind of a slow point in the game lately, and I barely even played today. It might only be temporary, but I've kind of lost my passion for the game. For now anyway. I'm sure the itch to walk the forests and fields of Middle-Earth will strike me again.

As I've previously said, I got a new computer recently, and had previously planned on using it as a video recorder for television. I have since come to realize that this just too much computer for such a menial purpose. Pursuant to this, I decided that I will make the new computer my Windows PC, and that my current Windows PC will get stripped down in shininess to be the new video recorder, and run Ubuntu. So, today I went through the tedious motions of figuring out what kind of settings I want to keep, and set about taking the video card out of my PC and putting it in the new box. Unfortunately, HP didn't ship the new computer with a power cable that will fit my comically gigantic video card, so I also had to swap the power supplies.

I hate hate hate hate hate opening up computers and messing around with their insides. Some people like it, and I used to like it. Now it just infuriates me and makes me sweaty with rage and frustration. Along with this feeling today was a feeling akin to hopelessness, in that while I had both of my normally capable computers splayed out in several pieces all over the kitchen, I had zero working computers, and a feeling that I probably should have just left well enough alone. Eventually it worked out, and things have almost worked the way I want. I still have to hook the DVR machine to the cable TV and verify everything works, but right now I have two fully functional machines.

Anyway, I worked a big maintenance window this weekend, so my social life was limited to a relatively quiet Friday night with Nick, Anna, Colin, Ryan, Justin, and Courtney, and a brief run to Cafe Al Dente in the River Market for a late lunch on Saturday with Jeff. Now I'm sitting awake with my sleep schedule thrown-off and screwed up by the late night I had at work last night.

I'm heading out of town next weekend to visit Peoria for the first time in well over a year. I've never been away for this long, and I actually miss it.

12:29 AM, Feb 11, 2008

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