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Randomness in Beering

Screwiness. My domain registrar, who also hosts my DNS, experienced some kind of outage over the weekend, crippling the availability of this website. I apologize, and I will seek third-party DNS services. Everything appears to have been fixed, but like I said, I will still seek alternate accomodations. If the site doesn't come up, try hitting this site, which will redirect you to the IP address for bahua dot com.

I had a crazy Saturday in Kansas City. I got up very early to drop my brother off at the airport, and had planned on coming back to get some sleep before that happened. Instead, I was unable to sleep, and busied myself with the business of getting one of my machines all reconfigured, for use with MythTV. Part of that reconfiguration was a couple of hardware changes/upgrades, including the application of a new processor fan and heatsink. I bought these items back when it was cold outside, in hopes of easing or eliminating two problems. One was that my case got very hot, very quickly, with the old cooling setup, such that I couldn't run it with the case closed. The second problem was that the previous fan was prohibitively loud, such that I could easily sleep without putting my head between my pillow and a blanket.

I installed the new fan and heatsink, along with some other parts, and the machine is now whisper-quiet. To boot, it is now running beautifully fast with a safely closed case. I actually made phone calls to people, I was so excited.

I met Susie, Cole, Nathan, and Stacey for the tour at Boulevard, and we immediately helped ourselves to even more things to drink, throughout the midtown area, until roughly 6 AM. Even now, I am suddenly recalling places we went. I don't think I have been "on the town," like that since I was in college.

4:16 AM, Jul 28, 2003


R._Heller commented: is a great registration site that has great prices and offer great stuff with your domain. Give em a look.

1:35 PM, Jul 28, 2003

bahua wants you to know:

The registration is fine. They didn't lose it or anything. I just need DNS hosting. So, I'm going to talk to some of my friends with hosted thug boxen.

5:25 PM, Jul 28, 2003

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