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Updated Layout

I made a new layout for the page that I think is both easier to use, and prettier, not to mention that it works about the same in any browser. If you have any suggestions or complaints, feel free, but first realize that I will make no changes for a while, except minor fixes and such. At the moment, this setup only works for the front page of the site, and adapting it to the rest of the site will take a long time, if it ever gets done. Until then, enjoy.

10:05 AM, Aug 31, 2004


Gulia responded:

I like it!

11:36 AM, Aug 31, 2004

k wants you to know:

Interesting change, bahua. My jury is still out on the design. I like the new header logo, but I'm not thrilled with the green abyss on the right. It just seems like something is missing...

6:50 PM, Aug 31, 2004

bahua brooked no delay in saying:

Did you hold your mouse over any of the menu links?

7:54 PM, Aug 31, 2004

k was sure you'd want to know:

yeah, i did. i do like the new feature, but i don't really know if it adds to your site. from a usability perspective, the first thing you see is a blank space on the right. it's just that your home page has so much all going on at once, it's a little overwhelming.

8:35 PM, Aug 31, 2004

R.A._Heller wants you to know:

Don't worry about whether or not people like the layout. You are definantly finding a groove, and it is intresting to come back every day, and find something new. Hell it might even increase your web traffic! Keep up the good work.

8:25 AM, Sep 1, 2004

chicus cut in with:

You can probably already guess I am not a fan. I agree with 'k', despite the rollovers it seems like a lot of wasted space at the top

9:56 PM, Sep 6, 2004

bahua replied:

Yeah, well too damn bad. It's staying as it is, until I can take care of some functional issues with the site. This past week, I dramatically sped up the time it takes to enter a comment or for me to regenerate the whole site, and now I need to get the main page entry automated a bit better, as well.

10:24 PM, Sep 6, 2004

chicus took the time to say:

"It's staying as it is, until I can take care of some functional issues..."

Okay, Microsoft. Ask for feedback and ignore anything that isn't praising you. :) Let us know when service pack seven arrives...

11:26 AM, Sep 8, 2004

bahua offered:

I guess the feedback request was basically lip service, because I like it. I will work on it, but it'll be a while.

11:44 AM, Sep 8, 2004

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