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SCO for Poop

I just read this open letter from Eric Raymond to SCO president Darl McBride, regarding a very very important case that is in progress now, that hasn't been even mentioned on any nontechnical news outlet. SCO basically thinks that there is copyright-infringing code embedded into the source code of the Linux operating system. Naturally, when the maintainers of Linux heard this, they asked to be informed which code was infringing, and on what ground, so it could be removed and replaced.

But SCO never had any intention, it seems, to allow the Linux developers to play ball, and so had a strategy of attack and litigate mapped out in advance. They have since claimed that all users of Linux owe SCO a licensing fee of no less than $600 per computer with Linux installed. Both IBM and Redhat have files countersuits for defamation, and now SCO is calling "foul," claiming that they are now victims of abuse, as their website has been disabled by a distributed denial-of-service(and is still inaccessible at the time this is being written).

I wasted my weekend playing games, so I had no idea that such a worthy pursuit as a DDOS against SCO was going on. I wish I had known, so i could have thrown a couple of failed http requests their way. I hope they all get chlamydia.

6:18 AM, Aug 26, 2003

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