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Birthday in Iowa

The trip to Iowa City was a lot of fun. On Friday, Alex and I drove in from Des Moines, and got a call from Kris:

"My car just died. I think I ran out of gas."

"Is the car running," Alex asked.


"You moron. The car still has gas in it if it's still running."

After we called a tow for Kris, which he apparently was unable to do on his own, we went to Steve and Renae's house in Coralville, and then on to a place in Iowa City called Fitzpatrick's Brewing Company. They had very tasty beer, and spicy hamburgers. I then proceeded to drink way too much, and subject myself to an all-day hangover on Saturday.

We met my Aunt and Uncle at mass on Saturday afternoon, and I bade my friends a good evening, as I left with my relatives for dinner. They gave me some codeine-fortified pain reliever, and my hangover was gone in about 15 minutes. We adjourned to the TV room, watched North By Northwest, and I fell heavily to sleep.

The next morning, we had brunch, and I renewed my distaste for canteloupe. Alex and I left Iowa City after a sodden meal with my hung-over friends, and arrived in Des Moines with plenty of time to spare, for me to get back to KC before sunset.

Sunday night, I met up with Alex(a different one), Louis, Brian, and Geoff, who was in town for the weekend, at a bar where Geoff's sister works. I made the mistake of mentioning that my birthday had been only two days earlier, and they bought me a shot of Goldschlager, ignorant of my pleas of, "But it's Sunday!"

Two days until Texas.

8:34 AM, Aug 11, 2003

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hagakure thinks:

Hah! Goldschillared!

9:35 PM, Aug 11, 2003

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