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Rudi Bakhtiar

Headline News, late at night, is a veritable bonanza of hot women. Rudi, Kara, and Erica make the wee hours much more tolerable at work. I need to find a working Rudi page for my links.

I am in night 3 of 4 of my last week before a couple of long trips take place. This weekend, I am heading to Iowa City for fun, beer, and Fingers Live. As well, I will hang out with some good friends from college. Just after I get back from that, I'll be going to work for two nights, to leave the second night for Texas, and QuakeCon. only a few weeks after that, I will leave town again for Boston, to visit with Carl.

3:14 AM, Aug 7, 2003


hagakure took the time to say:

Oh girls of cnnhn, how you make me enjoy the news.

11:16 PM, Aug 7, 2003

bahua spoiled the calm with:


12:59 AM, Aug 8, 2003

thesmartone wants you to know:

Actually, its Mike and Amy Finders now, not "Fingers" anymore, but same material.

10:49 AM, Aug 8, 2003

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