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Post-dance Aches

I'm sore today from dancing so much last night. One thing for which Nick and Anna can be counted on in a wedding reception is an outstanding selection of music. I got exhausted and sweaty, and then just hit the floor again and again. I couldn't help myself. I try to imagine the kind of crap I'd get into if I was in shape. After the wedding, Liana and I went over to Crosstown Station where there was a gigantic party going on, but I just wasn't feeling it after having rubberized my legs. I went home and slept so hard that I broke the sky.

I had a fun weekend, but I'm currently too tired to give you a full account. Maybe I'll hook you up tomorrow, but the smart money's on you having to depend on your imagination.

11:56 PM, Sep 21, 2008

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Just after the wedding, everyone gathered for beverages outside the main reception dining room.
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