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I received an invitation to use Gmail recently, and have signed up for an account. I am just amazed by how nice it is. It isn't just the 1 GB of storage that amazes me, but the user interface that I find impressive. It's very fast, powered by some form of javascript, apparently written specifically for use on this service. All in all, I find it to be unequivocally better than any web-based email I have ever seen. When I get some invitations to give away, I'll work on weaning my friends off of hotmail.

9:57 AM, Jun 24, 2004

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On my way up to the party from Kansas City, it occurred to me that since the party was going to take place in Illinois, nobody would be able to bring fireworks. Being the helpful Missouri resident that I am, I stopped somewhere halfway across the state to pick up some combustible goods. The party hosts were very grateful, though some of the guests, raised, most likely, by democrats, exhibited reactions from shock to abhorration. Others, however, thought it was fun to blow shit up.
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