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What Not to Do

Kickball season has been over for a week, but with our last game having taken place on November 6th, this year's season outlasted all previous years by a month. We've played in the cold at the beginning and now at the end of the season. So now we have the same problem we've had for years previous. We have a group of fun, fun-loving people that love going out together and playing together, with nothing to do.

In previous years we've always tried to get some kind of post-season recurring activity arranged, to the point that I even once wrote a web application to facilitate it. But I've found that if there isn't kickball, attendance wanes pretty quickly, even if people are free. In an attempt to keep the momentum up this week, I suggested the team meet up at Bulldog on Thursday, and enjoy the 2-for-1 drinks and the fellowship of the team.

All told, ten people from the team attended, along with some miscellaneous support staff. We crowded around some pushed-together tall tables and drank far more than is medically advisable. After somewhere between ten and twelve pale ales, I asked for my check. I was honest with the waitress(our third of the night), and told her how many beers I'd ordered, and that I'd also gotten some poppers as well. She returned with a big smile and a seven dollar tab. "It's all I could find," she beamed.

Though the atmosphere at Bulldog was lovely, the drink special was over. A more vital contingent of us floated to the Zoo Bar to keep things moving. The rest went home to get a wretched night's sleep before lugging their aching heads to work. Those of us that continued to the Zoo expended the remains of our cash on canned shitty beers, jukebox repetition, and silver strike video bowling. Colin and I sat up at the bar and talked with Carol the friendly bartender.

It was well after 3am when I got home, stumbling into walls and giggling at nothing. I slept until almost two in the afternoon, and woke up with a strong desire to remove my own head. I spent most of yesterday lousing around the house like an unemployed moron. I even rebuffed the offers of friends to go out, as I was still contending with the decomposition of several hundred thousand brain cells at 10pm.

The mercury has fallen back to normal November levels today, and I'm eager to get out in it. Stay abreast!

12:14 PM, Nov 15, 2008

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ck had this to say:

Everyone knows there's a natural progression from kickball to dodgeball.

7:52 AM, Nov 16, 2008

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