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Late Winter, Still No

Still no job. I got an official, "no," this week on one that I was feeling pretty good about. These things happen. Another thing that happens after five months unemployed is the cashing out of one's 401/k, which I did this week. In doing that I bought myself perhaps three more months. Four if I'm damned thrifty. I suppose I should get a temporary job in the meantime.

All that said, I'm in a really great mood. I had an excellent week in all things besides finding a job. I have a great weekend in store, principally occupied by the occurrence of the wedding of my friends Derek and Mary, whose wedding website I made for them. Speaking of said wedding, I took a bunch of pictures from Derek's bachelor party down in the Ozarks, and have decided to stop delaying their release with my inability to sit and caption them all at once. So here you go.

Some downtown business advocate guy wants to talk to me about making Splutschnik a commercial event. We'll meet for that on Tuesday. To keep you busy, play with this.

11:56 PM, Feb 26, 2009

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dIcK interrupted with:

you need Barney Stenson to make you a video resume. In the meantime, post something!

11:13 AM, Mar 11, 2009

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