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Kansas City Weekend

I had a fun weekend. My association, that means next weekend will be terrible. That stands to reason, because I will be the secondary oncall, and I will be working the biggest maintenance window I've ever worked. There will be an absence of fun. A void of enjoyment.

Anyway I got off work at the customary time on Friday, and hastened over to the leasing office to pick up my new computer, about which I had received notification of early delivery. I didn't really have time to mess with it, so I unpacked it as fully as would be satisfying to me, and gingerly placed it into a corner of my room. I had to get going to catch the 5:50pm over at the transit plaza, and it was only one minute late.

I arrived at Harry's Bar and Tables in Westport some irrelevant time after that, and met up with Nick, Anna, Jim, Angie, Jeanne, and Chris. We had a drink or two before we headed down to a second-floor gallery down in the West Bottoms to see some renderings by a Chicago-based architect whose name now eludes me. The renderings were lovely, but the real highlight was that it was the same space where Nick and Anna will have their wedding reception in September. Now after seeing it, I can't wait!

On a suggestion from one of the peoples, though i don't remember which, we went over to Le Fou Frog, straddling the line of the River Market and Columbus Park. I had never been there before, and it was excellent. I got to brush off some of my waning skills at speaking French, and the wine procured thence was delicious. Justin and Ryan joined us there, and after a bottle or two of Cotes du Rhone we all agreed it was time to move on. So we went to another place called Harry's, Harry's Country Club, with which I am very familiar.

Our eager waitress pronounced my sandwich, "croak mon-soor," and smiled at every turn. The beers came quickly and I could find no faults with the evening at all. I slept happily until 10:30am, and got to work on setting up the new computer.

It came preinstalled with Windows Vista, Home Premium edition, and having never used it before, I was interested in at least seeing how it might work. The short answer is, "badly." The computer is top of the line, with excellent hardware and specs, and it still took an inordinately long time for it to boot up, log me in, or to do almost anything. Top that off with the fact that when I tried to go into any kind of system setting, it would hit me with popup windows with confirmation messages like, "OMG someone is trying to haxx ur box! Press 'Its me LOL' if its u LOL." That's paraphrased, but it's close enough. One might argue that I never really gave Vista a chance due to the fact that it was understood that I was going to wipe the machine and install GNU/Linux, but it really was terrible, and at the present, I stand by my previous conviction never to use it.

Amanda moved to KC from PV last weekend, and hosted a housewarming party last night. Besides normal peasants like you and me, there were in attendance some on-air personalities from local television news programs who, of course, I not only didn't recognize, but of whom I had never even heard. You see, Amanda works in television, and is on familiar terms with a great number of these people. After a while the party started to die down, and people started to turn into their groups. I decided that it was time to get going at this point. Jeff and Jackie came with, and we wound up closing Mike Kelly's Westsider and the Newsroom.

Today I am slightly hung over, and pathetically hoping to find something to do besides watch the god-damned Super Bowl. If anything presents itself, I'll report my findings here.

3:35 PM, Feb 3, 2008

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