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Party Season

Last night, everybody left the office really early to meet at the Quaff downtown at 4pm to drink beer and play darts. I went one for two in shuffleboard, and after that, James and I ruled Brad and Wayne in foosball. However, seeing as it was a Wednesday, I hastened away by the time my stomach started grumbling. A new gigabyte of memory was delivered that day, and my mind just wasn't in drinking.

I installed my new morsel of memory, and found that it wouldn't work with the slower modules I already had installed. I swore audibly as I took the older modules out, and noticed a definite performance jump with the new faster memory. That was where the pleasant surprise ended. I loaded up Civilization 4, and while I did notice some smoother movement, I also noticed graphical artifacts jumping all over the screen. I started a memory test and went to bed.

When I woke up the memory test showed several critical errors with the new memory. So that's that. I filled out an RMA request on Newegg today.

Anyway, We have our official Christmas party tonight, the majority of which I will have to miss. This is because I will be meeting people at JP Wine Bar for a gathering that has been planned for months.

Then on Saturday, Chris is having his party. Then the following Thursday, Erp and Lea are having theirs. Then I work a halfhearted half day and drive six hours back to Peoria for the Yules.

3:01 PM, Dec 14, 2006

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