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The whole website can be managed from web interfaces I've built, now. I have done some rather annoying work on the site, in order to get it all working in such a way that the layout and posting method can all be handled or changed easily. It's all a process, and working on this website, writing the whole thing by hand, from the ground up, has been very valuable to me. I'm glad you've been along. Both of you.

I stayed in last night, still feeling a slight headache from Friday night, when Nathan and I met up with Josh in Westport. Lots of walking, bus rides, and a short cab ride on the way home. I spent last night on another downloading spree, getting a copy of Harold and Kumar, an Aqua Teen episode, and a couple of songs from Cake's new album.

Otherwise, things have been quiet. Geoff's been in Alaska all week, so I drove myself to work every day, and worked full, five-hour days all week. I know. My life is hard. I need a dentist.

3:32 PM, Sep 12, 2004

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Rachel replied:

Cake's new album, ay? how is it?

10:56 AM, Sep 17, 2004

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