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A Weekend not in Peoria

I spent this past weekend at home, hoping to goof around KC, but wound up mostly just sitting around on account of my stupid heel injury. On Friday, Jeff sent me an IM from work, asking if I wanted to go to Barley's in Shawnee, since he already had to go to Shawnee to get some new bicycle tires. I had been sitting around the house all day, feeling sorry for myself, so I took him up on it.

We got there, and in my weakened condition, I was only able to get one beer(a delicious Singletrack) and my first prime rib in years, down. We took the long, long way home, taking city streets north, out of the wretched confines of Johnson County, into KCK, where we wandered back and forth through urban areas, and then suspiciously into farm fields and hilly redneck farmsteads, and then back into zones of heavy industry. The weather was perfect. We eventually got back home, and I stayed up too late, looking for diversions on the internet

On Saturday, I broke my recently ratified personal rule, stating that I would only use my car for getting groceries and commuting. I drove to Roeland Park to attend a World Cup party. We watched England defeat Paraguay, Argentina defeat Cote d'Ivoire, and Trinidad and Tobago, in their first-ever trip to the World Cup, tie up with Sweden after a long, aggressive game.

On Sunday, I sat around all day, playing Civilization.

1:07 PM, Jun 13, 2006


Cole offered:

I went to a wizards game a couple of weeks ago, and jeezy creezy it was boring. 2 hours to see something end with 1-1. if they would have had a shoot off at the end, my blood lust may have been satiated, but no. they were just like "and it's 1-1, see you guys later". the moral of this story is soccer sucks, and hockey is awesome. Hockey would be the sport of the world, if only everyone could afford to keep a skating rink frozen and in good shape all year round. sprint arena better get a hockey team or else i will walk over there and protest every non hockey event. with a big sign that says "the event you are going to sure does suck compared to hockey. don't you wish there was something better? like hockey? vote yes on number 6."

9:12 PM, Jun 13, 2006

Jeff chimed in with:

I heart hockey, too.

But they don't score many points, either. :^(

I will join you in your protest. I can steal a sharpie from work. I have cardboard for a sign at home.

11:05 AM, Jun 15, 2006

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