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My New Little Friend

This just arrived today, to support my new running habit. One of the newest pieces of shininess out of the "labs," at Cowon, it's called a U3, and I found a good deal for it, out on the world wide net. I have been attentively eyeing the tracking status for it for most of this week. It was dropped off at the leasing office well into the business day. So late in the day was its delivery, in fact, that I was beginning to think that UPS might pull one of their impromptu delivery reschedulings on me. Fortunately, they did not.

I walked outside into the back-to-normal weather, quickly zipping up my jacket, and strolled through the gridlocked evening traffic on Broadway. When I got to the leasing office, I saw that they were holding a customer appreciation day, complete with hot meat balls, mini-quiche, eggrolls, and fresh brownies, all served on nice clothed tables, and the leasing agency staff dressed to the nines in dresses and tuxedos.

I didn't have the heart to ask about my package, for which I had excitedly come. I got in line to get some of the food, which was sensational, and started making conversation with my neighbors. After about fifteen minutes, I got up the nerve to ask about my package which, it turned out, was sitting on top of all the rest. I had another eggroll, thanked the staff, and hurried home.

With knifework that would have been grounds for the revocation my boy scout "Totin' Chip," I sliced open the cardboard shipment packaging, and ripped apart the attractive retail packaging to get at the newest addition to the number of objects for which I would punch you in the temple to protect.



This little beauty holds two gigabytes of musical freedom, and is so light that I'm surprised it does anything besides prettily reflect light. It plays all my file formats, including video, for which I will never use it. It enjoys a 14-hour battery life, comical ease in the copying of new files, on it and off it, and as you can see, occupies about as much space as about two undigested bites of steak.

The sound quality is stunning, as is the level volume which it is capable of blasting into my failing ears. I can't wait to walk and run with it.

6:17 PM, Mar 2, 2006

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