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An Update of no Consequence

I've settled in at the office well enough to actually get work done when I'm here, mostly because of some guides I've found online about getting my new phone tethered, so I can enjoy EVDO speeds on my computer from anywhere I can get a Sprint signal.

This weekend I'm going on my first-ever float trip. In case you're not from Kansas City, a float trip is a weekend trip during which a group of friends pick a length of scenic mountainous river to canoe with the current, and consume several hundred can of beer between everyone. Previously, my only experience with canoeing in rivers was when I was the leader of the Flaming Arrow Patrol in Boy Scout Troop 28. I think that would be about 1990.

The beer-drinking sounds fine, though I don't see myself getting housed, as it will all be canned, shitty-style beer. We'll see though.

In the last four weeks I have made a surprising number of new friends. I suppose the recent breakup has left me in a more receptive state for such things. But however it's happened, I have a lot of nice, new people in my life to complement the great friends I already have.

I suppose I'll get something better written soon.

12:58 PM, Jul 29, 2009

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Gulia responded:

Last year was the first time I went for a canoe trip where it wasn't canoeing skill that was important. I guess our parents were just boring and felt the need to do something when in the great outdoors, other than drink tons of beer. Think I might prefer this new-found activity. Have fun John!

10:20 AM, Jul 30, 2009

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