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Google Maps Wins . . . again

A couple days ago, Google added a really cool feature to their already peerless maps application. Logged-in users can now create and edit their own maps. When I discovered this new functionality, I promptly made a map of all my favorite bars, the places I've visited, the places where I've worked, and more. It's really fascinating!

1:33 PM, Apr 6, 2007


ck wants you to know:

I too will be making a map of the places I've visited. Hooray for google once again.

2:23 PM, Apr 6, 2007

ck interrupted with:

Dude, you forgot spring break '99 in PCB, FL. White Russians and the 18,000 kiss.

3:56 PM, Apr 6, 2007

chicus cut in with:

The custom maps are cool but their default directions are improving too. Check out how to get from my place to London. Considering there is only about 200 miles of driving I think they are underestimating the time for step 15...


1:30 PM, Apr 7, 2007

bahua blurted:

I edited your link. That is totally awesome.

7:04 PM, Apr 7, 2007

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