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Still Here

Yes, I am still around. Yes, I am sorry that I have been neglecting the website. Travel, travel, and more travel has rendered me unable to be as up-to-date as I have been in the past. Expect a windfall of updates, and various goodies, in the next couple of days.

To bring you up to date, however, I just finished a whirlwind tour of a great deal of these United States. It started a couple weeks ago with an extended weekend in Peoria, Cleveland the next, Boston the next, Portland, OR the next(pictures are coming, I promise), a quick weekend at home, accompanied by a visit from Brian for the Guster/Ben Folds show, and I just got back from Paso Robles, CA, today, where I very incredibly regret I forgot to take my camera, because Monterey, 17-mile drive, and Big Sur were incredible.

I need to fold some laundry, eat some dinner, and help out with another work exercise that's going on at our homebase, this week. I now have a solid two weeks before I take any more trips, and two months before I take any trips that'll take up weekdays. I do like the new job, but I can't wait to sit still, because it has enabled me to travel more than I ever have.

8:01 PM, Jul 25, 2004

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