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Nuts. I made a very bad decision on my outgoing flight from Boise. In the past, when I would arrange trips like this, to weeklong training sessions like this, I would always allow myself at least one extra day, usually more, not only to give myself some time, but also to provide an opportunity to look around a new unknown place. This line of thinking, I assume, is what caused me to book my flight out of Boise for 3:57pm today, when we finished our training outright yesterday at noon.

What eluded me was the fact that previously I always had a traveling companion, Geoff. Now, Geoff has ascended to upper management while I'm starting over from where I was in 2004, and now I travel alone. Nobody else that attended the training this week, staff or students, had anywhere near as late a flight out as I have. As I write this, most of the people are already gone. My boss Glenn gave me a ride to the airport this morning, and I found that my flight is the first that Frontier has today. As such, there is nobody to receive my bags until 1pm MDT. So I have to keep myself occupied outside security, basically all day. I think I might just eat a cab ride.

9:48 AM, Aug 24, 2009

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