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March the 17th

St. Patrick's day was a lot of fun, and as I expected, I was wrecked by 8 PM. I never really got drunk, but I could sleep at the drop of a hat, by that time. We started with a delicious breakfast at the Cup and Saucer, and met up with Geoff and Joel before we headed over to the parade line-up. The Parade was lots of fun, and there seemed to be around 200,000 people or so, there. Good turnout for a Wednesday, anyway. We went to Harry's Country Club after that, and moved on from bar to bar, until we found ourselves at Fooleries, where Brian and I called it quits and caught the next bus home.

Now, I spend a couple of days happily unemployed, varnishing my new coffee table, and eating too much.

10:30 PM, Mar 18, 2004

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DeadManWalking had this to say:

Good luck to you at your new job.

3:11 PM, Mar 18, 2004

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