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Open Vacation

It's with a heavy heart that I have canceled my trip to the American Southeast. The planned departure is only a month away, and still nobody has been able to commit to joining me for any portion of it. So, as much as I'd like to do the whole trip by myself, I just don't think it'd be wise. Also, vacations are not meant to be spent alone.

So, this frees up a considerable block of vacation days for me. Now, I need to try to find a companion or two(or three, or four) for another trip, destination currently unknown. It's exciting to think of the fact that where I might be able to go is wide open, though I'm leaning toward Europe. I would really like to travel in Belgium and England, though almost as much, I'd like to travel in places near waters with exotic names. Adriatic. Aegean. Tyrrhenian. Marmara. Dardanelles. Bosporous...

What do you think?

4:00 PM, Feb 11, 2008


Brad chimed in with:


4:03 PM, Feb 12, 2008

Becca cut in with:

Don't you know somebody in Germany?

12:11 PM, Feb 13, 2008

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