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Counting Up

I'm on vacation. I have today, tomorrow, and the day after that off. I have had four beers now. I started drinking beer at roughly 2pm. I will continue to drink beer until I leave for some block party in Midtown around 9pm. Follow along with this entry, if you want a play by play. More to come. Timeline of my third of July, below.

  • 4:25pm: 5 beers. I am dizzy, and just finished listening to crazy Diana Fox doomp doomp music. Putting on Ladytron now.

  • 4:57pm: I had some trouble typing this one. Perhaps I should eat dinner. I need to be sober enough to make it to this tonight. Rather, I need to be sober enough to catch the bus to it.

  • 5:00pm: 6 beers. Getting dinner.

  • 5:53pm: 7 beers. There's a gnat in my beer. I drank it anyway. Also, I'm losing steam.

  • 5:55pm: I've taken to singing Elton John songs to myself. Looking forward to getting out, this evening.

  • 6:39pm: 8 beers. I think I'll take a sober-up shower now. Listening to "Euphoria" by the Fantastic Plastic Machine.

  • 7:10pm: So I didn't take a shower. I promise I will. I got another beer. Listening to Rilo Kiley now.

  • 7:15pm: 9 beers. All this editing made me change the victory page to redirect me back to the edit page. Also, I am not fit to drive.

  • 7:50pm: 10 beers. It has occurred to me, in this state of advanced cognition, that women are stupid assholes.

  • 8:13pm: 11 beers. Okay, I should actually shower now. Also, women are awesome.

  • 1:35am: 17 beers. Union Hill sucked. I'm going to bed.

3:10 PM, Jul 3, 2006


ck said:


12:42 AM, Jul 4, 2006

Rachel brooked no delay in saying:

... 17. whew. I'm worn out just thinking about it.

7:05 AM, Jul 5, 2006

chicus interrupted with:

that puts to rest concerns that there was blood in your alcohol stream.

3:57 PM, Jul 5, 2006

DropTopGirl responded:

Ok thats hilarious,....and I thought I was the only one that thought that way as I drank. LOL! We should have a beer together sometime! HA!

10:23 PM, Jul 6, 2006

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