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I Broke Something Again

Someone posted a comment on Lyons' "BAR EXAM" post, with the username "PLEASE_HELP_ME_I'M_SWEETIE" or something like that. So, I made a rule in my comments that said that if your username was greater than 15 characters in length, it would show you an error message. It turns out that the script interpreter I use(bash - No flaming please. I am learning perl as quickly as I can.) doesn't like the '>' character in test operators, so it was just giving everybody that error. I changed it to '-gt' and now it works fine. If you don't know what that means, then do some reading.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks to Rachel for letting me know about it.

3:55 PM, Feb 28, 2005


Rachel thinks:

The Den is still on john's page, just not directly linked to the front. if you go to or something like that, you're money.

11:02 PM, Mar 1, 2005

Gulia was sure you'd want to know:

But The Den isn't on here anymore, so how did someone do that?

10:56 AM, Mar 2, 2005

bahua responded:

Word to Rachel. The Den is still up, I just got tired of the kind of posts that were being posted. Too much MTV/Dave Matthews/LOL type stuff. I still encourage Lyons to write, but he hasn't yet.

1:53 PM, Mar 2, 2005

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