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Saturdays Aren't Supposed to Suck

It's early on a Saturday morning, and I'm at work. The Singaporeans are prepositioning their units today, and we're allegedly only going to be here until noon. I doubt this very much. I think we probably won't get out the door until 1 or maybe 2pm. Even so, everything has been going very well. A couple of the computers that we were sent from Orlando were so badly configured, or even damaged, that we couldn't even use them. We've made do, though, with a couple extra computers from Geoff's network.

I met Erp at the Red Front, last night, and we went from there to Tarantino's. We liked both of these places very much. Cheap Boulevard bottles and draws, and very friendly staff made them both very nice places to visit. We went back to the west side of downtown, after that, and met Greg in the basement of the Majestic, where we listened to some live jazz before they closed at 11. Greg had a grand plan of going to Jilly's to see Mike and Dan spin some thumping beats. Before that, we went to the Quaff, right by my place, and saw from our table, a woman basically getting her buttocks groped by the guy next to her, right in everyone's plain view. We noticed several attempts on her part, to affectionately hold the groping hand in a futile attempt to play defense, leading me to believe that she must really like him, to tolerate him rubbing and groping her ass in front of a hundred people.

Anyway, I went home after that, and got two hours short of a night's sleep.

UPDATE: 5:43 PM - We didn't get out until 3pm.

6:55 AM, Jul 15, 2006

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