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Ankles and Repairs

We played in round one of the kickball playoffs, last night. It would seem that we were properly seeded, as the number one team basically had their way with us, and any children we ever might have. We played very badly, but the biggest part of last night was not the poor performance on our part. On the contrary, we regret nothing. The highlight of last night was "the accident." First, a little background.

Since just after the Fourth of July, we have made a new CD every week, with songs burned thereupon to be played for each player as they approach the plate. Incidentally, this has been an expensive pursuit, as D-sized batteries don't come cheap, these days, as they are principally purchased by a certain sort of woman, with a certain sort of equipment. You can probably imagine the looks that Erp, myself, Kelly, and Holly have gotten from excitement-starved convenience store clerks when we go in, and purchase eight of these batteries.

Anyway, Brad's song, last night, was Yakety Sax, by Boots Randolph. The culturally affluent will recognize it as the theme song from the lamentable Benny Hill Show, in which he would chase scantily clad women around in high-speed video. The pedestrian Kansas City reader will recall it as the music that is played during the hot dog race at Royals games, which, I am ashamed of the Royals for this, draws more attention and applause than anything else at the games.

On Brad's second or third turn at the plate(if we did well enough for him to be up three times), Kelly stepped out onto the sideline, and started doing some kind of crazy dance to Yakety Sax. It was as nonsensical as the music, and obviously unrehearsed, as she must have taken a bad step or something, because when she was in the midst of her routine, she, for some reason, sprang backwards in a frankly hilarious motion, landed on her back, and did not get back up.

Everyone was too busy laughing to realize that Kelly had hurt herself, until she was unfashionably late in resuming her feet. A group of people ran out to her, when they saw her with an anguished look on her face, clutching her ankle. She was walked back over to the dugout, and played no more kickball in the summer league. By the time the game was over(it didn't take long), her ankle had swelled to the size of a grapefruit, and she had turned white as a ghost. She also complained that she felt nauseated. Everyone urged her to go to the hospital, as the general opionion was that she'd broken something.

Even so, she was taken straight home, to face the judgement of Brooks, who would most certainly make sure that she went to see a doctor. I can only imagine the pain she felt when she woke up, this morning.

The folks that didn't injure themselves to the Benny Hill theme song went to Grinders, and on to Harling's.

Today, I called the place where I took my computer(no link, because their website is terrible), and they said they were able to fix everything dandily. It would seem that the power outage and subsequent restoration of power destroyed the power supply in my computer. This is understandable, and in hindsight, it makes perfect sense. But, if left to my own judgements and devices, I would have purchased a new motherboard, then possibly a new processor and memory for the computer, which would have cost me hundreds of dollars before realizing what was actually wrong.

Anyway, my linux machine, "vesuvius" is back up and running, and I now have access to my mp3s, movies, and TV shows again.

8:24 PM, Aug 3, 2006


kelly blurted:


9:32 PM, Aug 3, 2006

bahua brooked no delay in saying:

Pictures are on the way, but I need to rewrite one of the segments of the picture processing things to make it work.

9:34 PM, Aug 3, 2006

ck interrupted with:

This story reminds me of someone imitating Tim Casey during Dionysia softball if I recall correctly.

8:36 AM, Aug 4, 2006

bahua responded:

It was shockingly reminiscent of that moment for me, too.

10:17 AM, Aug 4, 2006

dude wutsizface interrupted with:

and you get paid to do computer shit for a living. you should be ashamed of yourself. you are fired. throw yourself into the river.

12:12 PM, Aug 4, 2006

bahua had this to say:

Yeah, well, sorry man. I can't help when I have data-loss crashes, and the code that controlled that, while not very prominent in my mind, was important, and has taken a little bit to rewrite. It's almost done though. Expect more kickball pictures tomorrow.

12:55 PM, Aug 4, 2006

JD brooked no delay in saying:

Thanks for the complete and total story. I am posting to represent Kelly's work folk. From our side of the fence, to a man, nobody was surprised by either the accident or how it happened. Even better was when she called in on Thursday morning to report her injury and too look for advice. I'll spare you all of the details but I asked Kelly to describe what happened so I could help navigate her to the correct medical professional. After finding out that there was no one big "pop" sound and that the pain was souly centered on her ankle I asked her if it was bruised. She said no so I proceeded to tell her that all any doctor would do for her was:

1) Ice it and elevate it

2) Stay off of it for 1-2 weeks

3) Give her cruthches

4) Give her an air cast

5) Tell her to come back in 1-2 weeks if it isn't better

With this in mind I told Kelly her 4 options were to see a specialist, see a general/family doctor, go to the hospital or do nothing and see if it gets better. I strongly suggested not going the hospital route as it would cost her $100 vs $10 or nothing if she chose the other options.

What do you think Kelly did? Yep, hospital, crutches, air cast, 1-2 weeks, ice, elevation, $100. Gotta love her.

1:21 PM, Aug 4, 2006

t offered:

and love her we do!

4:01 PM, Aug 4, 2006

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