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Repeating her Name

It's been kind of a slow week at work, and a relatively active week at home. Most of our team is in training, and so are effectively gone. That leaves only a few of us to work tickets and calls. But whatever. Work hasn't really been on my mind lately. I've really been thinking about the looming weekend, and all the things I still need to do. We're throwing our Halloween party tomorrow, and I've still not completed my costume. I got the most important piece, but still, that piece doesn't make it.

I have a gigantic pile of laundry to wash, and another pile to fold.

I feel like I'm getting jerked around by the autobody shop as they keep delaying me. Every delay costs me more in car rental fees.

I still have to pick up the next keg, but we still haven't emptied the current one. Therefore, I have to drink down an additional keg deposit. Also, I have to pick the keg up in my absolute piece of crap rental car.

I still need to get the CO2 cannister refilled, or there will be no beer tomorrow.

I still need to buy a ladder so people can use the windows to enter and exit the apartment at the party.

We also need to clean the lines in the kegerator.

We also need to clean the apartment.

But with these responsibilities and impending potential disasters are not what's on my mind. Perhaps I'll be comfortable enough with you to be able to just tell you, but for now, suffice it to say that what I'm thinking about is much more pleasant than the prospect of deadlines, work, and cleaning. So, despite reason, I'm in a good mood. It's a restless uncomfortable good mood when the seconds take minutes to pass and I try to think of things to do, and nothing I come up with hold my attention any longer or more completely than restlessly dwelling on this thought.

Anyway, I went to the Downtown Neighborhood Association general meeting last night, and got elected to the board as the Website and Communications chair for 2008. Such people as wished for it went to Dos Hombres for a beverage and a bite after the meeting. After sitting around having a nice conversation about public policy and inter-neighborhood cooperation, everyone went their separate ways. I received a text from Geoff earlier to meet him at Willie's, where he was having a drink with some friends.

I walked across downtown on Walnut, and felt the first wisps of cold air of the year, and relished the hard bite of it. It reminded me of walking around downtown Kansas City on nights when snow is falling. It reminded me of how much I really love the still solitary silence of falling snow and calm winds. It made me impatient for when the flakes actually do start falling in KC. With the long-awaited turning of the leaves, my favorite time of the year is coming to an end within the next few weeks, and giving way to my second favorite of Kansas City's seasons: winter.

To my surprise, Erp and Amber were at the table with Geoff when I walked in. We spent what was left of the evening reminiscing about what a bad influence Geoff is.

2:14 PM, Oct 25, 2007

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