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Question Marks

I added a couple of features to the site. One is a mostly functional one, one of many steps I've taken to make running this site easier for myself. You may notice that when you click a link to a particular entry, there's a question mark in the url. That's because it's all running off one file now, so changes like the one I'm about to mention are much easier to produce.

I also added a link list, and removed the link to the old "Links Page," that nobody ever looked at. I can't blame them either, as it has remained largely unchanged since this site was launched, full of the obligatory "look at my webpage!" style of links that most people have basically built into their memories and web browsers. Instead, I will periodically add new links, the latest five of which will be listed on the side menu, along with a link to the new ever-growing links archive.


8:40 AM, Mar 23, 2005


chicus chimed in with:

What happened to the pic of you above the navigation? I pointed a couple of people to your site and they really liked that.

8:29 PM, Mar 27, 2005

bahua commented:

I thought it kind of disrupted things. If you can think of a place where I could put it again, I'm open to suggestions.

9:49 AM, Mar 28, 2005

RA_Heller wants you to know:

You could put it as a header in your Pics section of your website. I agree with chicus, that pic really set off your site.

11:59 PM, Mar 28, 2005

chicus brooked no delay in saying:

My first thought is to put the pic in header with "Welcome to...It is the..." Wrap that text. I think your pic adds a lot more than the date (if you have to lose the date to make it work).

11:18 AM, Mar 31, 2005

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