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Broken Ribs?

We played the green team in kickball, last night, and got our bundles trundled. We reluctantly played on the grass again, because the "coach" of the purple team got all sandy on us, and demanded that her superior team(that wasn't able to defeat ours) play on the dirt field. Terra started off pitching in the impossible grass, and was having a hard time, so I took over, and actually got a workout. On one play, in particular, I successfully fielded a grounder between first and the mound, and was ready to throw the offender out, except there was nobody playing first. So, I foolishly threw the ball at the runner, missing wildly, and he rounded first. I retrieved the ball by the fence, and rather than throw the gigantic ball back into play, I ran down the runner in my finest sprint, reaching the third base region at roughly the same time as him, where I made a critical mistake. I threw the ball again.

I was running really fast, and didn't manage to get the ball to move any faster than I was running. The ball went wild again, and the runner made it home. On top of that, I was so focused on the throw that I lost my footing, and fell squarely on my belly, producing a sensation of intense pain throughout my upper body. I got the wind knocked out of me, and I was so dizzy that I couldn't see. This sensation continued for perhaps ten minutes, though many of which I continued to pitch.

We lost by over ten runs, scoring only two ourselves. We retired to Grinders for a pleasant drink or two, before heading home for the night. I don't know if it has anything to do with my little crash, last night, but I have a terrible cough now.

11:11 PM, Jun 2, 2006

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