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Welcome Back, Internet Access

No, I haven't become a pair of creepy Indian princesses with streaming video. The site was down over the weekend. Sorry for the downtime, folks. After a difficult move and a very annoying lack of internet access, bahua dot com is back. We have moved into the new apartment and love everything about it, especially the neighborhood. I am taking the bus to and from work each night, thus largely eliminating any need I have for a car. I haven't driven my car since Sunday, when we finished the move, and I don't plan on driving at all until the next time it's my turn to drive to the store. Premium gas = bus pass.

There are tons of unsecured wireless networks here, with users invariably being Roadrunner customers using wireless broadband routers. So, it's a bit of a bonanza for wireless downtown, as I suspected it would be. Dad, Amy, and Brian's girlfriend, Kathleen, will be coming to town this weekend, and we all plan on going to Hermann for some fun and Oktoberfest.

6:48 PM, Oct 1, 2003


InlineSkater blurted:

Hack the planet!

10:21 PM, Oct 1, 2003

R._Heller offered:

Put up some pics of your new place.

9:56 AM, Oct 2, 2003

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