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Windsor to Toronto

We left the hotel in Detroit soon after getting up, and walked over to the Windsor/Detroit Tunnel, where we caught the tunnel bus into Ontario. There was no line to get through customs. I was asked a couple rather forward questions("What's in your bag?" "Why are you going to Toronto?" "Where do you work?"), though when the border officer asked me what I do for my employer, he seemed satisfied with my answer of "computer stuff." We officially entered Canada at about 10:15am on June 30th.

After getting a coffee to pass the time, we wandered around Windsor, always noticing people's funny, yet distinctly non-Minnesota accents. We wound up getting lunch at a Lebanese restaurant, where we discovered the ridiculously awesome food item that is shawarma. We walked along what appeared to be Windsor's main drag(Wyandotte), until we reached the Hiram Walker Distillery, and to our delight, the Walkerville Brewing Company, which appeared to be a part of the Distillery grounds.

We passed the time before getting on the train by touring the small brewery. Their beer was a little weak, but it was still a very enjoyable experience. The train departed spot on the time advertised on the schedule, and soon, we were shown that the majority of Ontario is actually pretty lightly populated. There were lots of wild, wooded areas, and long expanses between towns, all of which seems to have stops. It was kind of arresting having run through the woods and fields for an hour, and then looking up to see the skyline of a city like London or Hamilton.

Anyway, we reached Toronto basically on time, and though we had no idea where our hostel was, we managed to walk straight to it, in the fastest way possible. We walked over to Yonge Street, and wandered down a length of its very long route. We passed Dundas Square and were surprised to see that there was some kind of Latin American festival going on there, along with lots of street performers. We finally managed to find a nice place to eat, and from there we were directed to two great beer bars.

Then we got drunk. Now get back to work.

10:22 AM, Jul 1, 2007


liz offered:

dude, welcome to shawarma world. we, over here in the lebanese world, quite enjoy it. although, if you visit london, you'll enjoy it much more than the abu dhabi. cheers buddy! have a great trip.

1:28 PM, Jul 1, 2007

saddam hussein's ghost blurted:

you just now tried shwarma? WELCOME TO 1992, JACKASS!

enjoy teh canadas.

2:40 PM, Jul 1, 2007

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