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An Exhibition Walk

Kelly and I walked to Terra's new place last night. She informed me that I was to choose the route. Terra lives in Roanoke, so I chose Southwest Boulevard as the main route. Kelly then berated me for choosing such a "roundabout" way. As you'll see however, from the map below, it was not an extended route.


The untrained eye will see a normal walk of a couple miles from my house to Terra's house in Midtown(the black smudge, denoted in brown with "T's"). And that's exactly what it was until we took a wrong turn. Do you see that straight north and south part that runs to the right of the big brown "T?" That's the most horrible hill I've walked in some time. Kelly took it with ease, and cruelly always stayed about a step ahead of me, goading me on.

While climbing this god-damned hill, my activity-induced asthma threatened to return after two years in "remission," as I began wheezing uselessly. I was breathing faster than I do when I run, and I was definitely more tired than when I run. We reached the top, and my fingers felt like sausages. To my dismay, however, it turned out we could have taken the much more gentle hill through Roanoke Park to get to Terra's, but what's done is done. Now we know.

We hung out with Terra for a bit, and I got a little dizzy from paint and varnish fumes. After we were there for perhaps forty minutes, Kelly and I said good-night, and started walking over to Broadway to catch the 51 back downtown. Every time I'm in Roanoke, I tell myself that I'm not going to get lost on their streets to nowhere, but as soon as I say that, I get lost. The streets wind maddeningly away from the direction you want to go, as they skirt the sunken park.

After negotiating the crazy winding streets of Roanoke, Kelly and I emerged at Roanoke and Valentine, and I knew exactly where we were. We walked through Coleman Highlands, Valentine, and came out near the MAX stop(the 51 was an unmarked bust) at Main and Armour. We took the bus back downtown, and I got to try out my new bus pass.

I took the most excellent shower in recent memory when I got home.

7:58 AM, Oct 4, 2006
tagged with lard


kelly brooked no delay in saying:

Hell yeah, we rocked it....what do say we do it agian next tuesday?

3:14 PM, Oct 4, 2006

erik had this to say:

he can't answer yet, he's still outta breathe.

4:26 PM, Oct 4, 2006

Jeff replied:

That hill is neat. Try it on a bike!

9:44 PM, Oct 4, 2006

tim wasson chimed in with:

point 1: Your RSS feed is garbage and you should fix it, jerk.

point 2: Your lard stuff should be included in your RSS.

1:06 PM, Oct 11, 2006

bahua was sure you'd want to know:

point 1: It works for me. Are you sure you're using the right url?

point 2: The lard stuff already is included.

4:05 PM, Oct 11, 2006

timmy wassony commented:

I see the problem! your XML is only MOSTLY valid as an RSS feed. try this (if it'll allow me to post this code)... after the 'description' tag, wrap your posts with this: '<![CDATA[' and end with this: ']]>'.

Right now, my news reader is only reading your "p" tags, so every post you make only contains "ppppp" or however many paragraphs it contains. The aforementioned wrapper should fix that. Good luck and God speed.

11:54 AM, Oct 13, 2006

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