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1/6/2003 9:52 PM

We went on the pubcrawl I mentioned, and drank lots and lots of homebrewed Honey-flavored beer at The Quaff, my new favorite bar. Okay, no bar can take over the coveted number one spot of the Newsroom, but the Quaff was pretty great. The only thing the Newsroom has on it is its proximity, and maybe its beer selection. That place was crawling with beautiful, non-nightclubbing women. I will return. I have been working first shift this week, going to a training session for unix. The regular expressions are a bit tough to get memorized, but besides that, it's all review for me. The thing that occurs to me, though, is that shell scripting can be completely replaced by perl, in functionality, and in ease of use. This is why I need to get versed in perl. Strong Bad was hilarious tonight.

9:52 PM, Jan 6, 2003

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