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Beer Section Unleashed

I have completed writing for a new section of bahua dot com: Draught of the Week. You can see each one, each week(or so), by clicking on the "DOTW" link in the side menu. Enjoy!

10:51 PM, Apr 13, 2004


Gulia blurted:

Did my posting show up on your end for the DOTW?

11:18 AM, Apr 14, 2004

R._Heller was sure you'd want to know:

Man you are my hero. Also have you completed a world tour yet at Old Chicago?

4:40 PM, Apr 14, 2004

bahua interrupted with:

Julia: No, it did not, because I hadn't updated the executable for that comment section from when it was hosted at home, and it had different stuff. It's updated now, and as far as I know, at this precise second, it works. But, give it time, and it'll fail for you, soon enough. I have faith in that.

Rick: I have been to Old Chicago, and while it is nice, it pales in comparison to Barley's.

5:17 PM, Apr 14, 2004

R._Heller commented:

Need Barleys in Cedar Rapids!!!!! Unfortunantly Old Chicago, in Iowa City has the largest beer selection on tap. I have not found any others in the CR metro area......yet....

9:23 AM, Apr 15, 2004

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