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Ferment means Rot

I recently found out about a Korean delicacy called Kimchi, and upon hearing about how it's prepared, I wondered how anyone could ever find something like that even remotely appetizing. It occurs to me, upon reflection, that consumables based on letting something rot, aren't that disgusting. I say this because I realized how my favorite beverage in the world is made.

Beer, this beverage that I have come to love so dearly, is a direct product of rot. I am leaving a tank of a delicious-smelling sugary substance in an unrefrigerated place, so that the sweetest, most delicious parts of it, may decompose, and turn into yeast excrement.

At that point, I will enthusiastically consume it, so I can't hold anything against the Koreans. Just for a peek at what's going on under the hood, check out this picture:


Besides the growdy layer of greenish-brown head, Yeah, I'd say that's a palpable sign of rot, or to put it more nicely, "fermentation." I noticed this particularly interesting going-on in the airlock.


What the hell is that white stuff? When I saw this picture, I went back to get another look, and the white was gone.

The odor now is less pleasant than before, by the way.

4:30 PM, Nov 15, 2004
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Alex replied:

What is that white stuff? I have NEVER had that!

1:45 PM, Jan 5, 2004

Louie wants you to know:

Its Fermentation Fairy captured on camera

8:45 AM, Nov 30, 2004

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