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The Common Cold

Meh. What a crappy weekend. I woke up feeling like garbage on Thursday morning, but came into work for a couple hours anyway. The cold I had acquired reached its high point in poopiness on Friday, for which I definitely called in to work. My sinuses were swollen up so badly that the only way to get any air through my nose was to push until I got dizzy. Needless to say, I was a mouth-breather for most of the weekend.

Trying to get to sleep without the use of one's nose is surprisingly difficult. I would constantly be drifting off to sleep, and my asphyxia warning would go off as my automatic breathing would close off my throat and try to draw breath from my nose. It was a bad scene.

On top of this was the fact that my nose was more or less constantly leaking "I am sick" brand clear liquid mucus, requiring manual attention. I was blowing my nose a lot. Blowing your nose with hair all over your upper lip is not pleasant. It's messy, and it takes a long time per blow. By Saturday morning, I'd had enough. I took the beard trimmer I received for Christmas a couple years ago and removed the months-old hair all over my face.

For the first time ever, the Nyquil/Dayquil tag team had little to no effect on my symptoms. This cold was a doozy. I guess that makes sense since I haven't been really sick from a cold in well over a year. In the end, the only medicine that I took that made any difference was, despite the foolish opinions of the foolish masses, aspirin. Cheap, off-brand aspirin purchased at a crappy drug store in San Francisco this summer.

I'm back at work today, and found that my salary went up 3.5 percent while I was gone.

10:29 AM, Jan 8, 2007


Jeff responded:

12:59 PM, Jan 8, 2007

bahua interjected:

Sorry you feel that way, but that was my weekend.

3:48 PM, Jan 8, 2007

Gulia said:

Did Nyquil/Dayquil change their formula to remain on the shelves? I can't keep up w/ what medications made changes, but if they did, that could be why it wasn't working to the best of its ability.

6:51 AM, Jan 10, 2007

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