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1/25/2003 3:35 AM

I have completely changed the pics layout, to work in htsh, instead of script-aliased html. In its previous form, every single file in the script-aliased directory had to be an executable file, which means that every time anybody wanted to look at even a single picture, about 15 'echo' commands, used for outputting readable html, were executed. It wasn't really a drain on system resources, but it was slower, and the way I have it set up now is much much cleaner, and easier to understand. My webserver breathes easy now. After work this morning, Geoff and Louis and I went out, and tried a very unpleasant, overly expensive bar, down by Kemper, called Connie's Genessee Inn. I will not be returning. We have a trip to Boulevard planned tomorrow. It promises to be a fun weekend.

3:35 AM, Jan 25, 2003

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