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Back in KC, Trip Literature on the Way

I'm home. I had originally planned to catch the bus home from KCI on Sunday, but while I was whining over text messages about how much I disliked Delta Airlines and their principal facility in Atlanta, Sarah offered me a ride. She would be there anyway, picking up her old man. I was delighted to accept her offer, no longer having to deal with the glacially slow and off-schedule airport bus route.

As I stepped out of the terminal, she was right there. It couldn't have been timed better. She marveled at my single backpack to account for a week's worth of travel, gave me a high-five, and we loaded up to go. Apparently the other body she came to collect had missed his plane, and would be arriving instead at midnight.

I slept like a sleepy sleepy log, devoid of pillbugs and centipedes, and made a call to the autobody shop when I woke up. Though I was a little annoyed they had never called to tell or ask me anything in the week that they had my car, I was pleased that the car was ready, and even more pleased that they sent someone to come pick me up. Not in any hurry to get to the office, and for some reason completely unfearful of reprisal for being late, I took a leisurely route around Midtown to get to work, even picking up food on the way in to eat at my desk.

I caught up with friends and coworkers at the office, and even got a little bit of work done. But mostly I just talked with people over IM. I drove to Brookside to leave the car, and on the way there I got smiled at by some random motorists. It was a very agreeable day, and it's wonderful to be back in Kansas City. I parked behind Jalapeno's and waited around in the cool breeze for about five minutes before the bus scooped me up. It always takes a trip to other cities for me to realize again how beautiful my city is. I think that this is part of the reason for the ridiculous circuitous route of the MAX bus.

I rounded the corner of 8th and May to a wall of coffee aroma, and was home. I talked with Jeff about the trip for a while before getting to work on some of the pictures and some other personal business, before I got a text from Nick, proposing a meeting for the drinking of a beer. I walked the mile up to the Flying Saucer in my work shirt and a pair of shorts, and actually felt cold. After a week of sweating through my clothes in the South, it was heaven to be cold without standing under an air conditioning duct.

At almost the same time as my arrival, Nick and Derek appeared across Walnut from the Saucer, and we sat on the couches in the back, talking about Nick's upcoming wedding, nerdy pursuits, my recently elapsed trip, and various $200 questions under Potpourri. It was really nice. Angela helped us out, and presented us with our comically small bills when we asked to tab out, unaware that it was $2.75 pint night.

Nick gave me a ride home, and I realized(it being almost midnight by this time), that I had to be in the office by 7am the next day, and I had left my car in Brookside. So, I had to catch the bus this morning at 6:11am to make it to the office by 7am. Blech.

Anyway, the descriptions of Charlotte and Atlanta are on their way, and pictures are close.

8:05 AM, Sep 9, 2008

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