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I Am Not Free For a While

I handed off the pager yesterday, and it instantly became more exciting than the previous four Fridays combined. Even though it was a pretty easy week on call, handing it off still has a truly remarkable effect of highlighting the relative freedom in not being on call. I feel invincible when I'm no longer on call, like I can do anything.

So last night, "anything," involved losing a kickball game 21-8, drinking perhaps nine beers at Grinders and the new Czar Bar, and for the second time since I've lived in Kansas City, visiting a strip club. However, the last of these activities was surprisingly uninteresting. It was kind of like walking around Best Buy. Every four seconds someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I'd like anything. I try hard to be polite, but I think my annoyance began to show.

We were there at Colin's insistence, for Nick's in-town bachelor party. Nick was charmingly awkward about the whole thing. We had been there for perhaps 45 minutes or an hour when I decided that I had been there long enough. I wished Nick well and left, smelling of strippers. I went home and fell asleep immediately. It was after 2am. So deep was my sleep that I slept right through my alarm and didn't get to the office until after 10am.

This weekend promises to be a good time. It's absolutely divine outside, as is the wont of the atmosphere in this region, at this time of year. For the forecastable future, every day is slated to be sunny, with highs in the low eighties and lows in the middle sixties. This time of the year in Kansas City provides the best weather I know of in any place I know. Even considering my tardiness today, I think I'm going to make a discreet early escape, so I can go an enjoy this idyllic weather.

Tonight I'm meeting up with Chris in North Kansas City at the newly-refurbished and opened Armour Theater to see Burn After Reading. Tomorrow, Liana and I will be attending Nick and Anna's wedding on the 12th Street Viaduct and at the Foundation Gallery in the West Bottoms. It's going to be fantastic.

Next week is just another week, but I've already planned visits to Oklahoma Joe's and the Flying Saucer. At the end of the week though, twin occurrences of the Kansas City Beerfest and the Kansas City Oktoberfest will take place- again, this is all in perfect weather. The next weekend Rachel, Brian, and Kathleen will be in town. Rachel and I will go to the American Royal Barbecue Cookoff, and I think Geoff will be going with us. The next night, I've arranged a relatively large gathering of friends to visit O'Malley's in Weston.

I love Kansas City in the Fall.

1:54 PM, Sep 19, 2008

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