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Canada Day in Toronto

We got up at about 10am today. According to Alex, I snored all night. We headed toward the Harbourfront, and began noticing the impending celebration. After all, today was Canada Day. We walked around the Harbourfont, and for some reason, wound up getting on the Spadina Streetcar, which we took all the way up to its end, where we got on the main East-West subway line. We picked a random stop(Pape) and got off.

The neighborhood was roughly known as East York, and the particular section where we were was very Greek. After walking a couple blocks, we decided that we'd been at large long enough to start drinking. We helped ourselves at some neighborhood bar before heading back to the subway station to go back downtown.

We were bound for a bar on Front Street called C'est What, on an ardent recommendation from Todd back in the States. It was closed. So we grabbed a patio table at a place across Market Square from it, drank some more beer, and waited. The peoplewatching was excellent.

Toronto has countless grillions of gorgeous women of color, and the front of this patio where we were seemed to be a favorite haunt for many of them. They would saunter past, replete with gorgeousity, often smiling and saying hello. Finally, C'est What opened, and we hurried over. Their beer selection was all local, and all excellent. They have five beers on cask, and even make a few of their own. The food was sublime, and I have now officially had french fries with mayonnaise.

On the urgent advice of the bartender, we headed to some remote location to watch the fireworks, and found that the view was horrible. The fireworks themselves were almost entirely obscured by a harbor building. We headed back, and spent a bladder-splitting traffic-clogged streetcar ride back to Union Station downtown.

We made a half-hearted attempt to keep things moving, but just didn't have the energy. Toronto defeated us. What an amazing city!

We go to Ottawa tomorrow.

12:50 AM, Jul 2, 2007

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